There were review with great Mille Petrozza in January Spark Magazine issue

8.4.2017 v 22:48

You can read there, that if some not well known band wants to share stage on big festivals together with famous bands, they need to pay some amount. And it has true background actually. If you want to play for example on some Slivovitz embalmed festival, you need to have much more than ten thounsand Czech crowns. For more info go to Spark gallery. As was said by our well- known inspectional General: "I feel sick!"

Slovak review

8.4.2017 v 22:45

Check out here for our first review to our CD abroad


15.2.2017 v 5:22

Our live section has been updated. Check it out, if you wanna see us live.


10.2.2017 v 7:49

You may listen to our music on Spotify.

Review in SPARK Magazine

3.2.2017 ve 12:59


You can read review of our new CD "Searching for the dead sun" in February issue of SPARK Magazine (page 56) or here in gallery "They wrote about us". Enjoy!

Album Searching for the dead sun online

"Searching for the dead sun" online 

30.1.2017 v 9:45


Check this link, if you wanna buy our new album "Searching for the dead sun" online.

Interesting review

Interesting review 

17.1.2017 v 7:41

There is really interesting review to our CD "Searching For The Dead Sun" on HARDMUSICBASE. For more info go to.